Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1/10 Scale Exceed Nitro Forza/Hyper Speed Buggy RTR Review

I started RC car racing and bashing when I was about 12-years old. My father broke down and bought me a large 1/8 scale, dual-motor monster truck and the love affair progressed from there. My first nitro RC vehicles was a Traxxas Nitro Rustler (if memory serves).

Fond memories of a fast nitro-burning toy led me to purchase the 1/10 scale Exceed nitro Forza beginner version for my stepson. I purchased the RTR version with the old-style AM radio transmitter and receiver. Newer versions feature the 2.4 Ghz radio system. The price of the vehicle definitely grabbed my attention at first. I didn't see much point of investing several hundred dollars into a toy that wouldn't be in competitions, or be subject to heavy bashing sessions.

Here are some of the features of the 1/10 Exceed Nitro Forza/Hyper Speed RTR beginner version:

- 2-Channel Pistol Radio System Included
- Assembled Chassis
- VX16 High-Torque and Pull Start Engine with Carburetor

- Equipped with Tuned Pipe and Air Filter

- Front and rear Bevel Gear differentials
- 4 wheel Shaft-Drive System.
- Adjustable Wishbone Suspension

- No-flex chassis design for better performance.
- Alloy aluminum upper plate and chassis.
- Oil-Filled shock absorber.
- Disc-shaped brake system.
- Front universal joint shaft.
- 75 cc fuel pressure tank.
- High impact wheels.
- High traction radial tires.
- Servo saver linkage system.
- Stock engine muffler system. 

I ordered the RTR from and had it shipped for around $120 less shipping. The packaging arrived decent enough and we were eager to break the car in. Glow fuel, glow starter and batteries must be purchased separately.

The instructions are not the greatest. I had previous experience with nitro RC cars so it personally didn't matter. For those starting out- you might want to view a couple tutorials available on YouTube regarding proper starting and break-in procedures. The break-in procedures listed in the manual are definitely "fool proof." However, I chose to drive the vehicle in an easy fashion for the break-in period, shutting down the engine every couple minutes for the first tank of fuel, in an effort to avoid heating the engine excessively.

After each subsequent tank of fuel, I proceeded to push the buggy harder-- upping the throttle each time. By the 5th tank of fuel, I let the stepson take over. The buggy has a top speed of well over 30 MPH and the handling isn't too shabby.

One of the first issues we started to experience were loose screws; specifically the rear spoiler screws. It is probably a good idea to give the screws a good once over before running the vehicle the first time and check them periodically.

The aluminum shock towers are extremely soft and bend easily. The dog bone style axles are also soft and have a tendency to warp when putting the buggy through the paces. 

The pull starter cord is complete junk. It frays easily and frequently breaks. I highly suggest replacing the original cord with a stronger, more durable alternative before shelling out $15 for a new pull start unit. The process of replacing the Forza/Hyper Speed's pull cord is a tedious task- guaranteed to have you cussing. Another option is to do away with the pull start unit all together. NitroRCX offers a Roto-Start kit for Exceed vehicles, which may alleviate starting headaches such as these. The downside to purchasing a Roto-Start kit is the price tag of almost $40!

The servos are of equally bad quality on the Forza/Hyper Speed. After the steering servo decided to quit, I decided to go back to my roots and install a standard Futaba unit. 

All in all... I have a hard time endorsing the 1/10 scale Exceed Forza/ Hyper Speed. The price is definitely appealing, but the cost of replacing parts and ongoing issues far out weigh the benefits the vehicle offers up.

However, I do recommend spending a little more on a beginner vehicle from Team Associated (yes...I'm an Associated fanboy from way back!) HPI or MRP. Spending a little more money on quality will go a LONG way when dealing with RC nitro vehicles.    


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  3. I just bought one of these for my boy and it is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. It would not stay running during the break in period, now it won't start at all. I am tired of wasting my time with it. My son is very upset as this is what he dreamed for his birthday and it sits on stand and will not start.

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